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Zen & the Art of the Samurai

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The Search Beyond Technique

'So it is with All Things'. 'To recognise the way is to practise the way.'


"In Japan, swordsmanship was a philosophical fusion of Confucianism and Zen Buddhism.


Zen Buddhism directly related the correct practise of swordsmanship to exercises for achieving enlightenment and to the desired and sought-after condition of selflessness. The complete non-conscious blending of weapon, weapon-bearer and action is nothing other than the condition of complete emptiness; a condition which is also the goal of other Zen exercises. In contrast, Confucianism, emphasised the ethical meaning of swordsmanship, although it agreed with Zen in method, despite differences in terminology.


For the Confucian, swordsmanship was only secondarily a renunciation of the self. Primarily it meant  the search for ethical perfection and therefore, since the Confucian ethic is basically the ethic of the State, service to the State."


Zen, Confucius and the Art of Swordsmanship - 'Tengu-geijutsu-ron'

'Motionless while moving, in stillness, not still.'  - Chosen Shissai.


'The perfect art of swordsmanship consists of two components; technical control and spiritual awareness. The two together must form a unity; each is unalterable by the other.'

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